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I have invested over 35 years in independent research of psychology, philosophy, comparative religions, physiology, kinesiology, physics and consciousness studies. I am fascinated by life and infinitely curious about human nature. I have pursued an education that emphasizes a Mind Body approach. I work with individuals who are open to learning and focused on growing. I have worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to actors, scientists, politicians, moms, dads and kids. These people, from all walks of life and many different countries are a blessing in my life. They are all extraordinary individuals. I am honored to have shared their time.
My degrees and certifications emphasize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of development and training.

  • Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy III

  • Certified Transpersonal NLP Practitioner

  • Body Wisdom Certification

  • Licensed Brain Gym™ Instructor/ Educator

  • Trained in Masgutova Method MNRI with Dr Svetlana Masgutova

  • Intuitive Practitioner Level 3 NICABM with Dr. Christine Page

  • 3 year training in Esoteric Psychology

  • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

  • Cooper Institute Health and Fitness Specialist Certification (CI-CPT)

  • Extensive training in Energy Psychology

  • PSYCH-K™ practitioner

  • Continuing Education in Consciousness Studies

  • Newfield Ontological Coaching Graduate

  • Newfield Certified Coach NCC™ 


  • Certified Gerontological Fitness Trainer  University of Denver

  • Extensive training in Meditation techniques including Mindfulness

  • Member of ICF  International Coaching Federation

  • Member of AHMA American Holistic Medical Association

  • Owner Creative Insights Coaching LLC (1995-present)

  • Founder/President of One World Heart Project 501c3  (2010-present)

  • Developer of The Point Meditation DVD series

  • Author of Better Than Cheese children's book

  • Co-Founder of Cutting Edge Fitness Training UCHSC School of Nursing

  • Co-Developer of Gerontological Fitness Program University of Denver

I dedicate between 50-100 hours a year to Continuing Education Training

As your Coach….
I Listen
I Learn
I Inquire
I Invite
I Encourage
I Inspire
I Illumine… the knowledge that lies within you.

It is vital for the integrity of the coaching relationship that there is open, honest communication where everything discussed is confidential.

“ Entrance to another’s soul is a sacred honor…..” - J. Stone

On a personal Note
I love to travel. I have managed to make my way around the world a couple of times and have visited every continent except Antarctica. I enjoy the diversity each culture offers and the wisdom every person has to share. I have trekked in the Himalayas and snorkeled in the South Pacific. I have held babies and played with children in Africa, Burma and Bali. I have shared precious memories with the Elders in China, Vietnam and Thailand. I had a wombat on my lap in Australia and a monkey in my arms in India. I have found that our similarities are much greater than our differences. And I have found it is our differences that make the world so interesting.


Cam Vuksinich

"Teachers open the door, You enter by yourself"

-Chinese proverb

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